Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bubbi Make-Up Brushes (Basic Set) Review

Hello there!  Yvonne here :) I'm going to be doing a double post today! This first post is about the Bubbi make-up brushes I received earlier this week.  Needless to say, I was absolutely psyched about these brushes, because I'm a huge fan of Bubzbeauty! I bought these brushes off of her website for about £33.99 (including shipping), which ended up being $54.57 (USD).  Here's a photo of them on the day they arrived (taken with my phone's camera, sorry for the poor quality)

They came in a cute little pouch that I'm still using to keep them in until I find something cute (and cheap) to store them in/hold them

The set includes 5 brushes (from left to right): Dual Eyes, Dual Cover, Angled Liner, Multi Retractable, and Powder brushes! 

I have used all of these, and I have just two words: SOOO SOFT!! They are made of synthetic material.  Bubz does a wonderful demo of her brushes here: 
Obviously whatever review she has of these brushes are kinda biased... since they're hers... BUUUT they are so freaking soft.  

I'll start with the dual eyes brush.  It's got two ends and I've found that the end with the larger tip, it's great for applying eye shadow and blending, the smaller end is is really great for blending as well, but I use it to apply smaller amounts of eyeshadow, depending on the look I want.  I really don't like that the fibers are white.  While it makes the brushes look cute, they look dirty really fast. 

Next up, the dual cover brush.  I LOVE THIS BRUSH! I use it to apply my BB Cream and the larger end is PERFECT for blending BB Cream over large areas of the face.  The smaller end is supposedly used for concealer, but I don't really use concealer so I just use that end to blend BB Cream over smaller, harder to reach places on my face, like my nose, under my lips, and under my eyes.  I find that with brushes (these brushes particularly) I don't have to use quite as much BB Cream to get the coverage I want.  

I also love the angled liner as well... It's my most used brush, because I put on eyeliner EVERY TIME I put make-up on... While I tend to skip other steps like BB Cream (on a good skin day), eye shadow, blush... this is the one I use A LOT! I typically use a gel liner (next post I'll be talking about things I use most often), so this brush it perfect! The brush head is much larger than my old angled liner brush, but don't let that fool you... You can actually draw a really thin, natural line with the brush.  I love the handle because it's really easy to hold.  I'm kind of a clumsy person, and I don't really like liner brushes with teeny handles that I can drop easily.  While it looks really fat, you actually have really good control over how your eyeliner is put on your eye, which allows you to use this brush for TONS of different looks.  It's GREAT for winging (which I'm guilty of doing all the time), and it is super duper soft and doesn't poke your eyelids like my old angled liner brush.  

The multi retractable brush is really super cool, but I have no idea what I could use it for... I've been using it to brush over newly applied BB Cream to give it a softer, dewy finish.  I've found that it's good for applying bronzer (but I never use bronzer... because, well, i'm pretty bronzed on my face...)

The powder brush is also super soft, and I use it for blush... I don't really use powder make-up, but I imagine it would be great for that.  

Here's some info about shopping with Bubz! The online store is pretty simple, she has shirts for sale and brushes.  I bought the basic set, because... well... I don't have like $100+ to spend on brushes, and I only really use a couple, so the basic set was perfect.  She does have her brushes for sale individually... Here are the prices in USD for each individual brush right now (I think they're subject to change depending on the exchange rate)

Dual Eyes: $9.37

Dual Cover: $12.50
Angled Liner: $7.81
Multi Retractable: $12.50
Powder: $15.63

Shipping was a flat rate of £4.00 which I'm too lazy to compute.  

  • High quality brushes
  • Cute design
  • Fast shipping/Processing
  • Wash easily, and don't lose shape/color or hairs
  • Worth the investment if you want some high quality brushes
  • Multi-use for all of them. You don't have to use them like Bubz does in her videos.  
  • They are pricey, so if you don't mind using a mediocre cheaper brush, this might not be worth it
  • To keep them nice (because they're expensive), they require maintenance (cleaning)

OVERALL - ☆* (4/5)
I would honestly give them 5/5 if I wasn't such a poop about money.  They were flippin' expensive and they're the investment of the month (or several months) for me.  Being a college student, I understand that it's not easy to drop that much money on things as unnecessary as brushes, but if you want a set of brushes that will last and give you GREAT make-up application :) these are great.   

Next up from Me! A general overview of the things I use most frequently! 

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