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Intro + Jemma Kidd (JK) Lip ID Colour Adapt Gloss

Hello everyone! I'm Joann, an 18 year old college student that has always wanted to blog/review beauty products. As Yvonne mentioned in an earlier post, both of us will be collaborating on this blog and do our shares of reviewing beauty products, beauty hauls, shoes, clothes and you name it! Most of the items we are reviewing are purchased through our own pockets, so in the words of Yvonne "you can expect a non-bias review."

Here's a bit about me: I'm 18 years old, a freshman in college (same one as Yvonne) and hoping to become a biology major. I've always been a fan of make-up, especially the natural or cute-sy look. Nothing too fancy or  takes too much of my time. Most of the time, I am very optimistic, open-minded and happy. I also get super excited about little joys in life! :) So enough about me...and onto the review!

Jemma Kidd (JK) Lip ID Colour Adapt Gloss

So I've had this lip gloss product for a while now, and it'll probably just sit there for the rest of eternity. The product comes in only one shade. At first, I was super excited after hearing about this gloss, it color changed according to your skin chemistry! Perfect fit right? WRONG.
The gloss is clear but once you put it on and give it a few minutes, it changes colors. It's a different color on each person. On Yvonne it was a tacky, magenta pink and on myself it was a corally-pink which surprised me greatly because the last time I put it turned bright red. I was not pleased with this!

I absolutely hate the consistency/texture of this product. It's very heavy on the lips and sticky. After wearing it once, your lips totally dries out and you'll have to rehydrate them like crazy. This occurs even if you wear chapstick under the gloss. However, it does give a nice shine to the lips, but the shine is short-lived.

I also dislike the packaging/dispenser. There is NO slant dispenser, so you squeeze the tube and have to apply it using your fingers, which I find a hassle and unhygienic. Not only do you have to use your fingers, but afterwards, it also stains them. Also, because the texture is so thick and heavy, it's a bit hard to not make a mess on the tube dispenser opening. So after using it, there's a bunch of leftover gloss oozing out, which in my opinion is a huge waste.

The product does not have a scent, so it does not make you nauseous, unlike certain scented lip glosses. That's probably the only good thing about it...besides it having a nice short shine. I wore this product for a dance recital and had to reapply every 20 minutes. There is also no SPF in this gloss, and does not moisturize like it claims.

I would suggest trying it on first, before actually buying it if you are thinking about it. I wish I would have done this so that I wouldn't have wasted $22 dollars.

Here are some photos of Yvonne and I with the lip gloss on. As you can see, there is high shine (which goes away in about 10-20 minutes of wearing).

Corally-Pink On Me

Magenta On Yvonne

  • Nice Shine
  • No Fragrance
  • Heavy and Sticky Texture
  • Drying
  • Unknown Color Change
  • Horrible Packaging 
  • Expensive Price
OVERALL:  (2/5)
I would not recommend this product. It keeps you guessing about the color change...which can be a really tacky one. I am hoping to try the O-Gloss from Smashbox that changes into shades of pink, and hoping that it will be more flattering. If I do end up purchasing it, I will do a comparison for sure! 

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