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Intro to blog + Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23 Review

Hey there, I'm Yvonne, 21 year old college student that has developed a great love for make-up.  I, along with Joann, will be reviewing the random beauty products we decide to buy with our college student money.  MOST of this stuff will be stuff that we have bought with our own money, so you can expect a non-biased review. If we ever get free stuff, we'll give you a review of that too.

Why we started this blog: We spend a lot of money on our cosmetics... and when I say we, I mean all of us.  It's just nice to have another opinion out there.  We will probably also rant review things like shoes, popular clothes, health products, restaurants (in Minneapolis area), and probably some beauty hauls!!

A little bit about me: I'm 21 years old, a junior at a large university in Minneapolis, and I'm studying Psychology.  I kind of jumped on the make-up bandwagon REALLY late (as in like... a half a year ago), because... to be honest, I didn't give a fuck about how I looked.  Lately, I have been feeling really empowered by being able to wear make-up and I feel beautiful... it really helps bring out my best features! Anyways, enough cheesy stuff. I tend to have an open mind about everything, I'm always willing to try stuff, and I love telling people about things I've tried! I'm a HUGE fan of "ulzzang" look, characteristic of the beautiful Korean celebrities, but I'm not Korean... so I can't really recreate it. 

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (no. 23)
Ok, this BB Cream has A LOT of reviews, but there can never be too many, right? *nervous laughter* >.>;

This is a product that I have been using for about 5 months now, and it's also my first BB cream.  While I'm quite fond of this BB Cream there are some things about it that could be better.
Missha's BB Cream currently comes in 5 shades: Golden Beige (#31), Milky Beige (#13), Light Beige (#21), Natural Beige (#23), and Honey Beige (#27)

At the time I bought it, it only came in 2 shades: Light Beige (#21) and Natural Beige (#23).  I have the Natural Beige.  I'm thinking I'm more of a Honey Beige... and I'm pretty bitter at Missha for not coming out with more shades from the get-go, but whatever.  I'm Asian... and I'm a DARK Asian.  No amount of sunblock can keep the sun from darkening my skin, and I'm kind of proud of my dark complexion.  In the summer, I get so dark, I look like I spent months in Hawaii or Florida.  I did not use this BB cream very often this summer at all, because it made me look pale and ashy.  Needless to say, the shade was not right for me.  But I guess now I can get it in Honey Beige, and maybe I will just for kicks.  

I love the consistency of the product.  It's very easy to blend with your fingers or a brush.  I personally like using a brush because when I use my fingers I tend to use too much and it looks really "cakey."  It gives your face a nice, dewy complexion, and the BB Cream alone is enough to conceal dark circles, blemishes and dark spots for me.  I was blessed with decent skin, but for those of you that need some more coverage, this BB Cream combined with concealer can do the job.  

I also really like the packaging/dispenser.  It's really hygienic and comes out of a pump.  You don't need to dip your fingers in anything, and it doesn't come out in globs.  It comes out like a moisturizer, and it's really easy to use with your fingers.  Getting it onto a brush is a little bit weird though... I tend to pump a little out and let it drip on the tip of the dispenser and then dab it with my brush so I don't have a gigantic glob of it on my brush.  

It has a very nice fresh scent, buuuut... I don't like scented things on my face.  So I wouldn't recommend it if you don't either.  It hasn't made me break out or anything like that, but it's annoying to smell it all the time.  
It's decently long lasting, but I found myself having to have to touch up a little bit after about 6 hours of wearing it today.  I guess it was a rainy day, so it's definitely not water proof.  

It's features are whitening, anti-wrinkle and sun protection (SPF 42) 

If you have dry skin, I would not recommend this.  My skin tends to be dry during winters, and it looks AWFUL on dry skin.  It doesn't really moisturize your skin... and sometimes it dries it out and feels chalky on a cold day.  

Here are some photos of me with it on my face.  As you can see in the photo with flash... it's REALLY white on my skin... but that might be because of the flash... the second photo is without flash.  As you can see, it gives you a nice dewy, flawless complexion (on a good skin day lol)

  • Great consistency
  • Decent Price. Missha lists it for $20.99 (USD) (I got mine off Amazon for about $15 + shipping)
  • Packaging
  • Easy to Use
  • Fragrance (it's a nice smell, but I don't like fragrances)
  • Limited colors to choose from (back then, but now... apparently there are plenty)
  • Not good for dry skin
OVERALL: ☆** (3/5)
I used to love this product... but over the months, it's really turned out to not be the best out there.  I haven't used any other BB Cream besides this one, but I'm not going to give up! I think Joann's going to be doing a Skin 79 BB Cream review.  I know she likes it, and I am considering buying it and perhaps... I'll do a comparison soon!  :)  

Next up from Me! Bubbi Make-up brushes

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