Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GEO Ash Wing Circle Lens Review

Hola! :) It's Joann here! I've kind of disappeared for a while...yes I know. And I'm sorry! I just had a lot going on. Anyways, you're probably looking at the title going "wait...I thought you were gonna talk about the Milani Blush!" And...I was. But after much consideration, I decided not to because blush is the thing that we apply subtly, which would have been hard to show in photos. So I decided to review the new circle lens I got! I ordered two pairs of lens from and was very satisfied with the products I received. I got a few samples of stuff, and a really cute doll. I'll include more when I review the GEO nudy grey lens (which I have used before, and loved them soooo much that I had to buy another pair!)


This is how it looks on the computer, when I was browsing through the grey contacts. It's pretty accurate in how it looks like in real life, but with darker rims and squiggly things. 

This is not my picture, but I threw away the bottles already, so I had to find one online. Sorry guys :( I'll do a better job next time when I review my next pair! But, this is how it looks when it's in the bottle! As you can see, the rim and squiggly lines are darker. 


 (Sorry for the bad lighting guys...this was taken in my bathroom. )
AFTER LENS (In dark area)

AFTER LENS (in natural lighting) 

As you can see, it gives my eyes an enlargement effect, which I'm in a love-hate relationship with. I like how it makes me look dolly and such, but at the same time, sometimes I do feel like an alien while wearing these.

DESIGN: A slightly dark rim surround a light grey, with small, dark squiggly lines radiating from the pupil hole. 

COLOR: Very pigmented, but not super opaque to the point of looking super duper fake. Nice natural grey. 

COMFORT:  I would give this an 8.5/10 for comfort level. They don't bother me much, and I usually wear them for 6 hours, occasionally if my day is super busy I wear them for around 8 hours. They do tend to dry out my eyes the morning after though if I wear them long enough. 

NATURAL-NESS: I give these a 7/10. If you have darker eyes, it will probably look more natural. I think these look a bit fake on me. It also will probably look fake in flash pictures. But to me, they look pretty natural if you see them in person. I had a lot of friends look and say "are you wearing contacts!?" after like 10 minutes of talking to me. 

ENLARGEMENT: I would  give this a 7.5/10 for enlargement effect, just because these are pretty small compared to other ones. 14.00 mm, but on me, they look huge since my pupils are small. If you already have pretty big eyes and are looking to change the color of them, I would def say go for this one! 

HALO EFFECT: I give this a 6/10. There is a slight halo effect when I look up or sideways. But when I look straight ahead, there's no halo effect, which is fine with me since it doesn't bother me much. However, I do realize that some people do look for the halo effect. 

I won't be doing a pros/cons list for this because I feel like certain things (like the enlargement/halo effect) differ depending on who you are talking to. I already gave my opinions ^up^ there, and you can be the judge of whether you like those effects or not. :) 

OVERALL: ☆ (4/5)
I love these lens, I've been itching to try them  for a while! I love the color, the design and the comfort levels these bring. I would say these are my #2 favorite, #1 being the GEO nudy grey. However...I think these ash wings are going to creep up on top soon!

☻♥Thanks For Reading/Supporting Everyone!♥☻

NEXT UP FROM JOANN:  A review of what products I use most! 

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