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Skin 79 VIP Gold Super Plus BB Cream Review

Helllllooo. :) Joann here! I think the title says it all! So let's get started.

Skin 79 VIP Gold Super Plus BB Cream Review 
The Product (on left) and the Box it comes in (right)

So let me start out by saying that this is my first ever BB cream, and I am in love with it! I have been using it everyday for a month. I was going to try the pink one, but just decided to go for the gold label instead since it was only cost a bit more. I believe this BB cream only comes in one shade, but it is very blend-able. Below are the swatches on the top of my hand. I do admit though that I am very pale for an asian, so it looks quite natural on my skin tone. I believe Yvonne is hoping to try this one soon, so I'll let her tell you how she likes it since her skin is tanner than mine.

Swatch, Dot, and blended to the right of the dot (but you can't see it...see what I mean by blend-able!?)

This product gives you really soft, and smooth looking skin! I always find myself stroking my cheek when I get bored in class because it's soooo soft. You also don't need to put a lot of product on. A dot provides coverage for my whole face. It gives you subtle sheen in the light, which I find flattering. It's not a greasy kind of look, but really dewy. The features of this BB cream: whitening, sun protection and wrinkle improvement.

I enjoy the consistency/texture of this product. It is very blend-able, as I mentioned earlier. I usually just use my fingers to blend it since the product warms up at the touch and pretty much melts (in a good way) onto the face. This BB cream provides nice coverage in my opinion, but I don't have much to cover up. I use it for the dewy look mostly. Too much of this product can cause the it to look cake-y. 

I also love the packaging/dispenser! It's like a lotion pump, and it's cute! You get just enough product with a small pump. It is very hygienic since your fingers are only touching the outside. Easy to get onto the back of my hand. It comes out like a moisturizer. Even if I use a brush, I pump it onto the back of my hand first and work from that because it's awkward to try to pump it directly on the brush. 

When it comes to the scent of the BB cream, there is none! I don't really have to touch up on this once I put it on, which is amazing! I have super sensitive skin and I don't break out using this, which is also a positive factor. What I do notice though is that I NEED to wear moisturizer underneath this since it tends to dry out the skin. Also with the moisturizer underneath, I don't need to worry about the chalky/ashy look.  

Below, I provided some photos of me wearing the BB cream in different lighting! 
Facing a lamp. 

next to the lamp

right across a window in natural lighting

As you can see, it gives you a nice dewy finish and it's pretty decent in achieving the "flawless" look! As I said earlier, I'm pretty pale so it does look pretty natural. 

  • Amazing Consistency 
  • Packaging 
  • Easy To Use 
  • No Fragrance 
  • Good Price (I got mine for about $18 USD on amazon)


  • One color choice 
  • Not good for dry skin

OVERALL:  (4/5) 
Long story short... I am in love with this product, although this is my first BB Cream. I love the dewy, flawless look it provides. Even my mom decided to try this and she loves it! She asked me to buy her one so she can use it. :) This product is amazing! 

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