Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black Review

Another review! Yayyy! This one will be kind of short.  I've used this eyeliner a few times, and it's really convenient for when you don't want to whip out the angled liner brush and the gel liner and clean up after it. 

As seen in the photo, it has a super cute design.  Dolly Wink is a cosmetic line created by Gyaru-Icon Tsubasa Masuwaka.  This line also includes eyeshadows and false lashes.  She even has her own eyelash glue! I'm thinking of trying her false lashes... but the eyeshadow palettes are a little too expensive for me. From what I've heard they are pretty high quality. 

The tip appears to be made out of felt or some material like that.  The application is smooth and doesn't irritate my eyelids at all.  I've found that liquid eyeliners often irritate my eyelids and application is kinda painful.  This tip allows for all different widths for your eyeliner.  It's especially helpful for very thin application, which is characteristic of gyaru-style make-up.  

Here is a photo of me without any eye make-up

Please excuse my shitty phone camera... My normal camera is currently out of commission. 

Here is the finished product.  I'm wearing only eyeliner. I'd like to note that I didn't draw my bottom lid in with the Dolly Wink liner... I used my Urban Decay black pencil... To be honest, I don't like the way the Dolly Wink liner looks on my bottom lid.  It's not sharp at all, and after a little bit of tearing up, whatever was on my bottom lid washes away.  NO SMUDGE on the Dolly Wink eyeliner.  It's EXCELLENT for a clean-cut look.

The eyeliner claims that it is water proof.  It stays really well when I sweat, and I've also splashed my face with water and it tends to stay well if I don't try to rub it off.  However, if I use eye drops for my eyes, often times my bottom lid will fade away... which is why I don't bother lining my bottom lid with it anymore.  

  • Comfortable, smooth application
  • Cute packaging and design
  • Very intense
  • Long-lasting
  • Expensive.  I bought it for around $16 off Amazon.  It's not a bad price, but it's expensive for something I don't even use too often
  • Doesn't stay well on my lower lid, so I don't even bother with it anymore. 
OVERALL: ** (3/5)

I am overall, fairly pleased with this product.  It is very useful for on-the-go eyeliner touch-up... but it lasts so long that I never need to touch up at all.  It is expensive, and inaccessible.  You can get it on www.pinkyparadise.com or search for it on Amazon.com

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask Review + New Goodies!

I officially suck at updating.  I meant to write this review last week right after my other mask review, but... I procrastinated until now.  I'm currently working the overnight shift at a dorm at my school, and I'm super bored.  So here we go.

First of all, I want to say that if you haven't tried any of Lush's Fresh Masks, I suggest you do.  My favorite one is definitely "Love Lettuce" which I can write a full review of the next time I pick one up.  This time around I wanted to try something different.  I'm not sure who, but someone suggested I try the BB Seaweed out, because it's helpful for moisturizing dry skin.  I LOVE Lush.  At some point, I'll probably be reviewing one of their shower jellies, so please look forward to that!

Lush is pretty cool, because if you bring in 5 black pots (their containers they use for many of their products) you get a free fresh mask! You can only get these masks at Lush counters or stores.  I usually purchase from Macy's Lush counters, but there's a full store at the Mall of America somewhere, which is where I picked up this mask.

As you can see, it is a pasty (more like clay-ey?) texture.  There are also solid grains of stuff in it... I'm not sure what it is, but it helps with exfoliating, and it feels super good.  With the BB Seaweed version of the mask, there are actual chunks of seaweed in there... you might find this kind of weird at first, but a lot of Lush's masks have things like that in it.  It's pretty interesting.

Here I am with it on my face (sorry for the poor picture quality).  As you can see it's kinda grainy.  The consistency is weird... There are solid chunks in it, but don't let that put you off! After leaving it on for about 10 minutes, I washed it off in the shower and pat dried my face after my shower.  My skin felt baby soft, and the scent is amazing!! It's a little messy though... and it feels weird at first.  It feels REALLY cold at first, it's almost shocking.  This is because you have to refrigerate it, otherwise it goes bad.  The shelf life of this product is pretty short, but it's a pretty small quantity of it.  One jar is about... 10+ uses for me.  I don't use much for every application, because when I have too much on, washing it off is a pain, and solid chunks don't dissolve very well in the water.

  • Softens skin 
  • Tones face
  • Feels cool
  • Smells amazing
  • Very unique
  • Pretty affordable (around $7 a jar)
  • Messy
  • Scary consistency if you're not used to it
  • Short shelf-life
OVERALL: * (4/5)

Personally, I really love this product.  It works, it smells great, and I really love Lush as a company.  I personally feel that they are a responsible company that is devoted to their products, animals, and the environment.  However, it is messy, and because it's organic, you can only keep a fresh face mask in the fridge for a max of three weeks.  I once kept mine in my fridge for 5, and it some mold grew in it.  It was gross.

  Sooo... I recently got a couple new products that I wanna brag about.  I'll be reviewing these in the future, but please be patient.  I like to use these things for a while before I pass judgement on them.  

First of all, I got the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in "Deep Black" It's so super cuteee!
I'll probably be reviewing this next because I've had it for a few weeks now, but I was super duper excited about it! :)

I also got the Skin 79 BB Cream mini set! It has four different BB Creams included in mini sizes.  I'll be reviewing each BB Cream individually, so please look out for those!

The seller was even nice enough to include 3 packets of the two most popular BB Creams! I'm pretty excited! 

NEXT UP FROM YVONNE! Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GEO Ash Wing Circle Lens Review

Hola! :) It's Joann here! I've kind of disappeared for a while...yes I know. And I'm sorry! I just had a lot going on. Anyways, you're probably looking at the title going "wait...I thought you were gonna talk about the Milani Blush!" And...I was. But after much consideration, I decided not to because blush is the thing that we apply subtly, which would have been hard to show in photos. So I decided to review the new circle lens I got! I ordered two pairs of lens from pinkyparadise.com and was very satisfied with the products I received. I got a few samples of stuff, and a really cute doll. I'll include more when I review the GEO nudy grey lens (which I have used before, and loved them soooo much that I had to buy another pair!)


This is how it looks on the computer, when I was browsing through the grey contacts. It's pretty accurate in how it looks like in real life, but with darker rims and squiggly things. 

This is not my picture, but I threw away the bottles already, so I had to find one online. Sorry guys :( I'll do a better job next time when I review my next pair! But, this is how it looks when it's in the bottle! As you can see, the rim and squiggly lines are darker. 


 (Sorry for the bad lighting guys...this was taken in my bathroom. )
AFTER LENS (In dark area)

AFTER LENS (in natural lighting) 

As you can see, it gives my eyes an enlargement effect, which I'm in a love-hate relationship with. I like how it makes me look dolly and such, but at the same time, sometimes I do feel like an alien while wearing these.

DESIGN: A slightly dark rim surround a light grey, with small, dark squiggly lines radiating from the pupil hole. 

COLOR: Very pigmented, but not super opaque to the point of looking super duper fake. Nice natural grey. 

COMFORT:  I would give this an 8.5/10 for comfort level. They don't bother me much, and I usually wear them for 6 hours, occasionally if my day is super busy I wear them for around 8 hours. They do tend to dry out my eyes the morning after though if I wear them long enough. 

NATURAL-NESS: I give these a 7/10. If you have darker eyes, it will probably look more natural. I think these look a bit fake on me. It also will probably look fake in flash pictures. But to me, they look pretty natural if you see them in person. I had a lot of friends look and say "are you wearing contacts!?" after like 10 minutes of talking to me. 

ENLARGEMENT: I would  give this a 7.5/10 for enlargement effect, just because these are pretty small compared to other ones. 14.00 mm, but on me, they look huge since my pupils are small. If you already have pretty big eyes and are looking to change the color of them, I would def say go for this one! 

HALO EFFECT: I give this a 6/10. There is a slight halo effect when I look up or sideways. But when I look straight ahead, there's no halo effect, which is fine with me since it doesn't bother me much. However, I do realize that some people do look for the halo effect. 

I won't be doing a pros/cons list for this because I feel like certain things (like the enlargement/halo effect) differ depending on who you are talking to. I already gave my opinions ^up^ there, and you can be the judge of whether you like those effects or not. :) 

OVERALL: ☆ (4/5)
I love these lens, I've been itching to try them  for a while! I love the color, the design and the comfort levels these bring. I would say these are my #2 favorite, #1 being the GEO nudy grey. However...I think these ash wings are going to creep up on top soon!

☻♥Thanks For Reading/Supporting Everyone!♥☻

NEXT UP FROM JOANN:  A review of what products I use most! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask Review

Ok, really sorry for the lack of updates over the last week. In any case, I'll probably be doing a bit of blogging this week to make up for it because I got a TON of new products!! :D yayyssss!!

First off, I finally got around to doing the photos for the My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask... I remember purchasing this mask this past June in Chicago.  This sounds awful, but I bought it in a beauty store in Chinatown.  They were $16, but I see that Amazon has them for $13, sooo yeah. You can't find them on their official website anymore, maybe they discontinued it? It's a shame, because I do like this product.  
The box looks like this, and it comes with like... 10 of them.  I'm going to admit that I don't use masks very often, and when I do use masks, I use Lush's fresh face masks.  This is my first paper face mask I've ever used. 

Start off with a clean make-up free face! Take the mask out of it's packaging (annoying as heck). Here's a photo of how it comes.

It's not too hard to open, but when you take the mask out it's dripping wet with solution.  I would have taken a picture of what the mask looks like not on the face, but... it was dripping wet and super messy.  There's also this annoying plastic film thing that's attached to one side of the mask that you're supposed to take off.  I'm not sure what it's for, but it's effin' annoying. 

Place it on your face, there are holes were your eyes and mouth and nose are supposed to go.  It stays on your face pretty well.  I studied and watched TV while doing this mask.  I typically use it for 30 minutes, because the hydrating and softening effects of the mask lasts longer.  So here are some photos of both me and my boyfriend using this mask.  I have dry skin and he has oily skin.  Hahaha! I'm not stripping his manliness, he just knows that he needs to take care of his skin. 

Boyfriend! Excuse the shirtlessness... the mask drips everywhere, and he didn't want the girly smell on his clothes. Haha

Hahaha, me. Ok, so I have a smaller face, so this mask looks like it's completely suffocating me, and that I have a gray beard.  Embarassing. 

The mask smells SUPER nice.  Make sure not to wash your face after using this for a while... that'll just cancel it out. Also, I noticed that it was SUPER sticky after taking it off... It's a little uncomfortable.  Make sure not to rub your face or touch it... it irritated my skin when I did that.  After getting used to using it, I've learned just to leave my face and let it dry.  It doesn't seem like it'll ever dry, but I promise it will. After using this mask, my face was super duper soft all night long and well into the morning.  It was still super soft after I took a shower.  And I felt like my face looked brighter.  My boyfriend (who has oily skin) had super soft skin, but still had the same amount of shine as usual. I don't really know what to say... he just does masks with me for fun/bonding.

  • Softens and brightens skin
  • Easy to use
  • Smells amazing
  • Long-lasting effects if you leave it on for a while
  • Feels super sticky after taking it off
  • Annoying plastic film attached to mask
  • Drips everywhere, messy. 
OVERALL: ☆** (3/5)

This mask is pretty easy to use, smells amazing, and pretty cheap.  However, it is messy despite the fact that it's supposed to be made more convenient since it's a paper, pre-cut mask.  It takes forever to dry, ad is super sticky.  The effects are pretty amazing, however, and I recommend it for people that have dry skin.  It really hydrates! For oily skin types, it does soften and brighten your skin, but it may make your skin feel a little more oily sometimes.    

Next Up! LUSH BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Favorite Products + CVS Goodies

As promised, a double post from me (Yvonne)! :) So I want to talk about some of my favorite products I use, briefly.  I'm not going to provide an in-depth review about these, because... well... I love them! I wear these pretty often, and I'll tell you why!

OMG... please excuse the mess on my desk, but here are my most frequently used top 3 products.  The Physician's Formula Powder Palette Multi-colored blush in "Blushing Natural", Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (No. 23 Natural Beige), and M.A.C Fluidline Gel Liner (in Blacktrack). 

The Physician's Formula Powder Palette Multi-colored blush (omg, what a mouthful) is a really nice, natural looking blush that gives you a nice healthy glow.  I like the Blushing Natural shade because of the glow it gives.  It comes with this shitty little plastic brush/applicator... don't use it. Instead, I use my Bubbi Powder brush to brush it all over the apples of my cheeks and along my jaw line. 

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream is the BB Cream I use because... I don't really have any other ones.  While I like this product a lot, there are some cons that you can read about here

And of course, my M.A.C Fluidline Gel Liner is my FAVORITE eyeliner.  I love gel liners, and this is my favorite because it goes on smooth, and it doesn't smudge too much, and it gives a nice bold look.

CVS Haul
Ok, so I guess I wouldn't call it a haul but I recently bought some random drug store brand goodies, because I love cheap make-up.  I really needed a eye shadow palette with some browns, golds, and cream colors, so I bought this one from Maybelline. It's called EyeStudio in "Give Me Gold"

I also bought this Retractable eyeliner from Milani.  It's called the Easyliner Glitter in 01 Precious Silver.  I typically use colors like these to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. 

I also picked up a Milani pencil sharpener!

I used these products today! :) Here's a picture of the finished product.  Sorry the lighting is so bad.  Will post a review of my new goodies in a few days after I've gotten some good use out of them.

Next up from me! My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask

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Skin 79 VIP Gold Super Plus BB Cream Review

Helllllooo. :) Joann here! I think the title says it all! So let's get started.

Skin 79 VIP Gold Super Plus BB Cream Review 
The Product (on left) and the Box it comes in (right)

So let me start out by saying that this is my first ever BB cream, and I am in love with it! I have been using it everyday for a month. I was going to try the pink one, but just decided to go for the gold label instead since it was only cost a bit more. I believe this BB cream only comes in one shade, but it is very blend-able. Below are the swatches on the top of my hand. I do admit though that I am very pale for an asian, so it looks quite natural on my skin tone. I believe Yvonne is hoping to try this one soon, so I'll let her tell you how she likes it since her skin is tanner than mine.

Swatch, Dot, and blended to the right of the dot (but you can't see it...see what I mean by blend-able!?)

This product gives you really soft, and smooth looking skin! I always find myself stroking my cheek when I get bored in class because it's soooo soft. You also don't need to put a lot of product on. A dot provides coverage for my whole face. It gives you subtle sheen in the light, which I find flattering. It's not a greasy kind of look, but really dewy. The features of this BB cream: whitening, sun protection and wrinkle improvement.

I enjoy the consistency/texture of this product. It is very blend-able, as I mentioned earlier. I usually just use my fingers to blend it since the product warms up at the touch and pretty much melts (in a good way) onto the face. This BB cream provides nice coverage in my opinion, but I don't have much to cover up. I use it for the dewy look mostly. Too much of this product can cause the it to look cake-y. 

I also love the packaging/dispenser! It's like a lotion pump, and it's cute! You get just enough product with a small pump. It is very hygienic since your fingers are only touching the outside. Easy to get onto the back of my hand. It comes out like a moisturizer. Even if I use a brush, I pump it onto the back of my hand first and work from that because it's awkward to try to pump it directly on the brush. 

When it comes to the scent of the BB cream, there is none! I don't really have to touch up on this once I put it on, which is amazing! I have super sensitive skin and I don't break out using this, which is also a positive factor. What I do notice though is that I NEED to wear moisturizer underneath this since it tends to dry out the skin. Also with the moisturizer underneath, I don't need to worry about the chalky/ashy look.  

Below, I provided some photos of me wearing the BB cream in different lighting! 
Facing a lamp. 

next to the lamp

right across a window in natural lighting

As you can see, it gives you a nice dewy finish and it's pretty decent in achieving the "flawless" look! As I said earlier, I'm pretty pale so it does look pretty natural. 

  • Amazing Consistency 
  • Packaging 
  • Easy To Use 
  • No Fragrance 
  • Good Price (I got mine for about $18 USD on amazon)


  • One color choice 
  • Not good for dry skin

OVERALL:  (4/5) 
Long story short... I am in love with this product, although this is my first BB Cream. I love the dewy, flawless look it provides. Even my mom decided to try this and she loves it! She asked me to buy her one so she can use it. :) This product is amazing! 

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Bubbi Make-Up Brushes (Basic Set) Review

Hello there!  Yvonne here :) I'm going to be doing a double post today! This first post is about the Bubbi make-up brushes I received earlier this week.  Needless to say, I was absolutely psyched about these brushes, because I'm a huge fan of Bubzbeauty! I bought these brushes off of her website for about £33.99 (including shipping), which ended up being $54.57 (USD).  Here's a photo of them on the day they arrived (taken with my phone's camera, sorry for the poor quality)

They came in a cute little pouch that I'm still using to keep them in until I find something cute (and cheap) to store them in/hold them

The set includes 5 brushes (from left to right): Dual Eyes, Dual Cover, Angled Liner, Multi Retractable, and Powder brushes! 

I have used all of these, and I have just two words: SOOO SOFT!! They are made of synthetic material.  Bubz does a wonderful demo of her brushes here: 
Obviously whatever review she has of these brushes are kinda biased... since they're hers... BUUUT they are so freaking soft.  

I'll start with the dual eyes brush.  It's got two ends and I've found that the end with the larger tip, it's great for applying eye shadow and blending, the smaller end is is really great for blending as well, but I use it to apply smaller amounts of eyeshadow, depending on the look I want.  I really don't like that the fibers are white.  While it makes the brushes look cute, they look dirty really fast. 

Next up, the dual cover brush.  I LOVE THIS BRUSH! I use it to apply my BB Cream and the larger end is PERFECT for blending BB Cream over large areas of the face.  The smaller end is supposedly used for concealer, but I don't really use concealer so I just use that end to blend BB Cream over smaller, harder to reach places on my face, like my nose, under my lips, and under my eyes.  I find that with brushes (these brushes particularly) I don't have to use quite as much BB Cream to get the coverage I want.  

I also love the angled liner as well... It's my most used brush, because I put on eyeliner EVERY TIME I put make-up on... While I tend to skip other steps like BB Cream (on a good skin day), eye shadow, blush... this is the one I use A LOT! I typically use a gel liner (next post I'll be talking about things I use most often), so this brush it perfect! The brush head is much larger than my old angled liner brush, but don't let that fool you... You can actually draw a really thin, natural line with the brush.  I love the handle because it's really easy to hold.  I'm kind of a clumsy person, and I don't really like liner brushes with teeny handles that I can drop easily.  While it looks really fat, you actually have really good control over how your eyeliner is put on your eye, which allows you to use this brush for TONS of different looks.  It's GREAT for winging (which I'm guilty of doing all the time), and it is super duper soft and doesn't poke your eyelids like my old angled liner brush.  

The multi retractable brush is really super cool, but I have no idea what I could use it for... I've been using it to brush over newly applied BB Cream to give it a softer, dewy finish.  I've found that it's good for applying bronzer (but I never use bronzer... because, well, i'm pretty bronzed on my face...)

The powder brush is also super soft, and I use it for blush... I don't really use powder make-up, but I imagine it would be great for that.  

Here's some info about shopping with Bubz! The online store is pretty simple, she has shirts for sale and brushes.  I bought the basic set, because... well... I don't have like $100+ to spend on brushes, and I only really use a couple, so the basic set was perfect.  She does have her brushes for sale individually... Here are the prices in USD for each individual brush right now (I think they're subject to change depending on the exchange rate)

Dual Eyes: $9.37

Dual Cover: $12.50
Angled Liner: $7.81
Multi Retractable: $12.50
Powder: $15.63

Shipping was a flat rate of £4.00 which I'm too lazy to compute.  

  • High quality brushes
  • Cute design
  • Fast shipping/Processing
  • Wash easily, and don't lose shape/color or hairs
  • Worth the investment if you want some high quality brushes
  • Multi-use for all of them. You don't have to use them like Bubz does in her videos.  
  • They are pricey, so if you don't mind using a mediocre cheaper brush, this might not be worth it
  • To keep them nice (because they're expensive), they require maintenance (cleaning)

OVERALL - ☆* (4/5)
I would honestly give them 5/5 if I wasn't such a poop about money.  They were flippin' expensive and they're the investment of the month (or several months) for me.  Being a college student, I understand that it's not easy to drop that much money on things as unnecessary as brushes, but if you want a set of brushes that will last and give you GREAT make-up application :) these are great.   

Next up from Me! A general overview of the things I use most frequently!