Monday, October 24, 2011

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask Review

Ok, really sorry for the lack of updates over the last week. In any case, I'll probably be doing a bit of blogging this week to make up for it because I got a TON of new products!! :D yayyssss!!

First off, I finally got around to doing the photos for the My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask... I remember purchasing this mask this past June in Chicago.  This sounds awful, but I bought it in a beauty store in Chinatown.  They were $16, but I see that Amazon has them for $13, sooo yeah. You can't find them on their official website anymore, maybe they discontinued it? It's a shame, because I do like this product.  
The box looks like this, and it comes with like... 10 of them.  I'm going to admit that I don't use masks very often, and when I do use masks, I use Lush's fresh face masks.  This is my first paper face mask I've ever used. 

Start off with a clean make-up free face! Take the mask out of it's packaging (annoying as heck). Here's a photo of how it comes.

It's not too hard to open, but when you take the mask out it's dripping wet with solution.  I would have taken a picture of what the mask looks like not on the face, but... it was dripping wet and super messy.  There's also this annoying plastic film thing that's attached to one side of the mask that you're supposed to take off.  I'm not sure what it's for, but it's effin' annoying. 

Place it on your face, there are holes were your eyes and mouth and nose are supposed to go.  It stays on your face pretty well.  I studied and watched TV while doing this mask.  I typically use it for 30 minutes, because the hydrating and softening effects of the mask lasts longer.  So here are some photos of both me and my boyfriend using this mask.  I have dry skin and he has oily skin.  Hahaha! I'm not stripping his manliness, he just knows that he needs to take care of his skin. 

Boyfriend! Excuse the shirtlessness... the mask drips everywhere, and he didn't want the girly smell on his clothes. Haha

Hahaha, me. Ok, so I have a smaller face, so this mask looks like it's completely suffocating me, and that I have a gray beard.  Embarassing. 

The mask smells SUPER nice.  Make sure not to wash your face after using this for a while... that'll just cancel it out. Also, I noticed that it was SUPER sticky after taking it off... It's a little uncomfortable.  Make sure not to rub your face or touch it... it irritated my skin when I did that.  After getting used to using it, I've learned just to leave my face and let it dry.  It doesn't seem like it'll ever dry, but I promise it will. After using this mask, my face was super duper soft all night long and well into the morning.  It was still super soft after I took a shower.  And I felt like my face looked brighter.  My boyfriend (who has oily skin) had super soft skin, but still had the same amount of shine as usual. I don't really know what to say... he just does masks with me for fun/bonding.

  • Softens and brightens skin
  • Easy to use
  • Smells amazing
  • Long-lasting effects if you leave it on for a while
  • Feels super sticky after taking it off
  • Annoying plastic film attached to mask
  • Drips everywhere, messy. 
OVERALL: ☆** (3/5)

This mask is pretty easy to use, smells amazing, and pretty cheap.  However, it is messy despite the fact that it's supposed to be made more convenient since it's a paper, pre-cut mask.  It takes forever to dry, ad is super sticky.  The effects are pretty amazing, however, and I recommend it for people that have dry skin.  It really hydrates! For oily skin types, it does soften and brighten your skin, but it may make your skin feel a little more oily sometimes.    

Next Up! LUSH BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask! 

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